mamaRoo 3.0 Bouncer

mamaRoo MulticolourProduct Name: mamaRoo 3.0

Manufacturer: 4Moms

Price range: £££££

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At a glance

The mamaRoo is a hi-tech baby bouncer which is perfect for any gadget loving parent, especially when you can send your little one to sleep with a touch of your smart phone.

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4Moms mamaRoo is about as hit-tech a baby bouncer you can currently get. Reminiscent of Mork’s egg ship from Mork and Mindy this egg shaped chair has a definite sense of ‘concept’ baby bouncer and is definitely set apart from more traditional baby bouncer designs.

Wherever 4 moms got their design inspiration from the mamaRoo looks great. It is well put together high quality and actually has a surprisingly small space footprint compared to a lot of other bouncers.

“The mamaRoo is calming because it provides an environment that is similar to still being in utero – babies feel contained, they’re moving, there’s a bit of sound – and we find that very soothing for our babies.”

– Alan Lantzy, MD; Neonatologist and Pediatrician

Key Features

The mamaRoo has several key features worthy of discussion:


The chair is designed to mimic the movements of you, the parent bouncing up and down and swinging side to side to comfort the baby. Whether or not this claim stands up to challenge is debatable since the mamaRoo movements do appear to be a bit mechanical but nevertheless in fairness the mamaRoo does move in a completely different way to the vast majority of baby bouncers or baby swings on the market. There are five different movement functions to choose from: car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, and wave and five speed settings for the movements.

maMaroo motions


In terms of soothing your baby with music the mamaRoo has four different sounds to choose from and the really great function is that you can plug in your MP3 player to play your own music selections should you so wish. A recess at the base of the mamaRoo allows you to rest your Mp3 player or smartphone safely in place when connected to the audio input jack. Again a nice design touch.


mamaRoo base

App Controlled

mamaRoo AppThe LCD screen and touch controls at the base of the seat are not the easiest to use but the mamaRoo can also be controlled through a tablet or smartphone via the downloadable app. This function takes this hi-tech baby bouncer to a whole different level and you can see the future development of baby bouncers start to open up. Finally, there are a range of supported iOS and android devices (currently limited) for the app and you can see them by following the link below.

Supported devices

Recline Function

Looking at the more run of the mill functions the mamaRoo has a nicely designed recline function and the chair can essentially slide from upright to fully reclining and any angle in between in order to provide the most comfort for your baby.


mamaRoo recline

Toy Balls

Whilst not equipped with what you would deem a standard toy bar the mamaRoo comes with 3 reversible patterned toy balls that dangle from a small arm that overhangs your baby’s head. The soft toy balls are reversible and are coloured on one side and black and white patterned on the other.

mamaRoo toy ballsThe patterned black and white side is designed for newborn babies since they cannot initially see colours. Colour differentiation usually occurs between 1 to 2 months and then the strong primary coloured side of the balls will get a good reaction from your baby.




ComfortmamaRoo Newborn Insert Plush Liner

As well as having a configurable recline angle the mamaRoo’s seat is comfortably padded and comes in a choice of 3 plush designs ( grey, silver and multi colour). An additional reversible insert is available for extra support and comfort for newborns but this is sold separately.



A three point harness secures your baby safely in the bouncer but due to the shallow depth of the seat the mamaRoo really can’t be used when your child can sit up unaided so roughly around the 6 month mark.

Ease of Cleaning

The seat cover is easily removed and is machine washable on a cold setting as are the fabric toy balls and newborn plush insert. The seat base should be wiped clean with a mild detergent and damp cloth but make sure the mamaRoo is unplugged from the mains power before cleaning.

Ease of Assembly

The mamaRoo assembly is fairly straightforward and easy to follow diagrams are provided. The seat spine slots onto the motorised base. The rest of the frame then clips together onto the spine to create the seat structure. The seat pad easily zips onto the frame to complete the seat. The mamaRoo is mains powered which does slightly restrict its ease of use around the house.

Age Range and Usage

The 4 moms mamaRoo Bouncer can be used from birth up to the age of 6 months. Which is roughly up to a maximum weight of 9 kg or 20 lbs.  Assuming you buy for a newborn baby getting 6 months usage out of this bouncer is pretty much marked at the average usage in months compared to other bouncers on the market. See Baby Bouncer Comparison Table.

Value for Money

In looking at value for money, consider the price you are paying against length of usage of the bouncer.

At the time of writing the cost of this bouncer is coming in at £220. This is the very top end of the price range (£££££ on the comparison table) which is anything above £120’s. As indicated on the age range you should get at least 6 months usage out of the product. So, £220 for 6 months gives a usage cost per month of £36.66 which is a very high usage cost.

On pure numbers the mamaRoo does not really provide value for money. However, if you like hi-tech gadgets, then a Bluetooth enabled, smart app controlled baby bouncer costs what it costs.

What’s great:

  • 5 movement functions
  • Smart device app controls
  • MP3 ability
  • Free movement of recline function
  • Small space footprint

What to watch out for:

  • Shallow seat depth
  • Your baby may not like the movements
  • High cost
  • Weight of the seat


The mamaRoo is a fantastic product and is blazing a trail for smart technology design being used in baby bouncers. However, will your baby like it is another question? Looking at amazon reviews, public opinion whether or not babies find the mamaRoo motions soothing is split. Some parents do, some don’t. Consequently, for gadget hungry parents mamaRoo is great, but it may not be to the taste of your baby. Yes it comes at a high price, but this is a great quality product with some really cool features. Is the mamaRoo the most technologically advanced and best hi-tech baby bouncer? Possibly right now yes.


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mamaRoo 3.0 Bouncer

mamaRoo 3.0 Bouncer

Value For Money




Ease of Use



  • Smart device app controls
  • 5 movement functions
  • MP3 ability
  • Free movement of recline function
  • Small space footprint


  • Shallow seat depth
  • Your baby may not like the movements
  • High cost
  • Weight of the seat