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Nuna Leaf Cinder Product Name: Nuna Leaf

Manufacturer: Nuna

Price Range: £££££

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At a glance

Stylish elegance and precision Dutch engineering comes in the shape of a leaf from Nuna. The Nuna Leaf is certainly not your usual baby bouncer. 

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Dutch company Nuna say that the Nuna leaf was inspired by the carefree float of a leaf on the breeze and their seat will treat your baby to a similarly mesmerising ride. The seat itself is in fact extremely stylish and beautifully engineered and would look the part in any modern home.

The chair is motor free and so doesn’t need batteries, just a gentle push every now and then will enable the leaf to gently sway in its side to side motion which will last for around two minutes.

Key Features

The Nuna leaf comes in 7 different colour schemes:

Nuna Leaf Cinder
Nuna Leaf Twilight
Nuna Leaf Sky
Nuna Leaf Lilac
Nuna Leaf Dawn
Nuna Leaf Bisque
Nuna Leaf Almond

This beautifully engineered bouncer has no motors needs no batteries and sways your baby in an ultra smooth and quiet side to side motion. It can be used from baby to big kid size (60kg) or 150 lbs so given the fact that some adults can weigh less than 60kg it’s difficult to estimate it’s true lifespan but safe to say it’s a long time. The leaf shaped seat is ultra plush and extremely well padded and finally the base has a motion lock to fix the chair in place for feeding or other stationary activities. The material of the seat is Oeko-Tex® and better for baby certified as is the padded chair insert.


The Nuna Leaf itself comes out of the box essentially as it is. There are a range of accessories sold separately however and they are:


Toy Bar


nuna leaf toy bar

Toy bar with 3 soft toys ‘look at me birdy’ a tree that rattles and a crinkly owl. Made with Oeko-Tex® fabric and can attach to any location of the LEAF series. Cost approximately £20.00


Nuna Wind


Nuna wind in motion

The LEAF Wind solves the problem of continuously Nuna Windhaving to push the leaf to keep it swaying it does it for you. It creates ‘the soft steady breeze’ and easily connects to the base of the LEAF or Leaf Curv. It has 6 speed settings to soothe your baby with a simple touch sensor control panel. No batteries are needed and a mains and mini USB cord are included. Cost approximately £70.00.



LEAF Canopy with integrated insect net

The canopy easily slides on the leaf chair and is made with better for baby Oeko-Tex fabric. An eyeshade pulls out for extra protection from the sun and has a removable insect net which stores on the back of the canopy.  Cost approximately £20.00


Nuna Leaf Canopy


The Nuna leaf certainly looks a comfortable chair and its luxurious padded seat certainly provides your baby with snug comfort. However the fact you can’t adjust the seat’s angle is a bit of a drawback especially at feeding time if you want your child to sit upright rather than recline.



A very large robust Velcro attached three point safety harness secures your baby in place and the chair certainly isn’t going to move or fall over from movements from your baby.

Ease of Cleaning

This couldn’t be simpler, the entire seat cover and soft insert can be easily detached from the frame and can be machine washed at 40 degrees centigrade. The frame should be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild detergent with a non abrasive cloth.


Ease of Assembly

The leaf chair inserts and detaches easily into place into the stand so extremely simple to assemble.


Age Range and Usage


You can use the Nuna Leaf from birth up to an amazing 60 kg maximum weight. Assuming you buy for a newborn baby getting 24 months usage out of this bouncer is pretty much the extreme end of the market with average usage of other bouncers being around 6 months. See Baby Bouncer Comparison Table.

Value for Money

In looking at value for money, a great place to start is to consider the price you are paying against how long you will get usage out of the bouncer.

In both these aspects the Nuna leaf is at the top end of the market in both price and usage length. At the time of writing the cost of this bouncer coming in at almost £160 puts it in the top end of the price range (£££££ on the comparison table) which is anything over £120+. As indicated on the weight range you could get serious length of use out of this product but we have taken the four year mark as a sensible upper limit even though you could potentially still use it beyond this point. Simply put, a cost of £160 for 48 months gives you a usage cost per month of £3.33 which is a middling usage cost per month score. See Baby Bouncer Comparison Table.

What’s great:

  • Stylish design
  • Quality look and feel
  • Long term usage


What to watch out for:

  • It’s not exactly lightweight product weights 5.2 kg and is fairly bulky
  • The high price tag
  • Manual rocking motion only lasts a short while
  • Can’t angle the seat



The Nuna Leaf is an excellent product. Whilst it’s not exactly your traditional baby bouncer it certainly sets itself apart from the rest of the market. It is stylish, comfortable and oozes quality. The high price tag would be a negative until you take into account the extended lifespan of the chair. You can use it right up to when your child becomes a toddler and potentially even older. With that in mind the long lifespan bumps up the value for money in a major way. Whilst this bouncer is certainly different it is a great buy if you are thinking long term and want a product that will last as your child grows.


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Nuna Leaf

Nuna Leaf

Value For Money




Ease of Use



  • Long Term Usage
  • Quality look and feel
  • Stylish design


  • Can't Angle Seat
  • High Price Tag
  • Manual rocking motion lasts only a short while