Red Kite Snuggi Bounce


Red Kite Snuggi Bounce

Product Name: Red Kite Snuggi bounce 

Manufacturer: Red Kite 

Price Range: ££

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At a glance

The Red Kite Snuggi Bounce is an economical, feature packed and fun little bouncer and as you would expect from the name its Red.


Redkite Snuggi Bounce


Red Kite’s Snuggi Bounce is a vibrantly coloured and softly padded bouncer chair. This little bouncer is packed full of features and given its price point packs a punch for value far above some of its close competitors. In the words of Red Kite the snuggi bounce is ‘A truly wonderful place for baby to rest, settle down and unwind’ and when you see what this bouncer has to offer you can’t help but agree.


Key Features

Red Kite Snuggi Bounce toy bar
The Snuggi Bounce has some great features. First of all it has a fun vibrant safari themed colour scheme with images of friendly looking tigers parrots and hippos. This is then enhanced with the bright red head hugger, seat harness and toy bar. Unlike a lot of other bouncers the Snuggi Bounce comes with a toy bar included which has two detachable plastic toys. For getting your baby off to sleep a relaxing vibration feature is included in the music box which plays several soothing melodies.




The bouncer provides a padded backrest which can be set at two different positions and a comfy head hugger. The head hugger is designed for additional support for newborn or younger babies and finally the crotch harness is padded for extra comfort.



The bouncer has a three point safety harness and crotch pad to keep your baby secure.  A sturdy base and rubber feet keep the bouncer stationery on any surface.

Redkite Snuggi Bounce side profile

Ease of Cleaning

You can wipe clean the seat cover, but if needed you can remove it entirely and hand washed with mild detergent, unfortunately it is not machine washable. You can also easily wipe clean the frame with a sponge or non abrasive cloth.


Ease of Assembly

The bouncer does need some assembly out of the box but this is fairly straightforward and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. You slot the steel tubular frame pieces into plastic brackets and then slip the padded seat cover over  the frame and then fix in place with the three harness straps. The music box then just clips onto the frame. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver to open the battery compartment on the music box and you need 3 X 1.5v “C” type batteries which are not supplied.


Age Range and Usage


You can use the Red kite Snuggi bounce  from birth up to the age of 6 months, which is roughly up to a maximum weight of 9 kg or 20 lbs.  Assuming you buy for a newborn baby getting 6 months usage out of this bouncer is pretty much marked at the average usage in months compared to other bouncers on the market. See Baby Bouncer Comparison Table.

Value for Money

In looking at value for money,  consider the price against how long you will get usage out of the bouncer.

At the time of writing the cost of this bouncer is almost £37. Putting it at the lower end of the price range (££ on the comparison table) between £20 and £40’s. As indicated on the age range you should get at least 6 months usage out of the product. So, £36.95 over 6 months gives you a usage cost per month of £6.15 which is a middling usage cost. 

However if you consider the bouncer overall considering the comfort of the seat and it’s play features this bouncer still comes out as a good value for money buy.

What’s great:


  • Music function
  • Vibrate function
  • Toy bar all included out of the box.

What to watch out for:

  • The music is a bit quiet
  • Doesn’t fold flat
  • Not that easy to take apart



All in all the Red Kite Snuggi Bounce is a great little bouncer. For under £40 you get a bouncer with toy bar, vibrating function and music. All in a brightly coloured and comfortably padded baby bouncer. The major plus is you get all this straight out of the box. The only additional purchase needed being the batteries. This is a good overall buy and you get a lot of bouncer for your money.


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Red Kite Snuggi Bounce

Red Kite Snuggi Bounce

Value For Money




Ease of Use



  • Music Function
  • Good Vibrations
  • Toy Bar included


  • Doesn't Fold Flat
  • Music is quiet
  • Not easy to dismantle