Cosatto Pip Rocker


Cosatto Pip RockerProduct Name: Cosatto Pip Rocker

Manufacturer: Cosatto
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Cosatto Pip Baby Rocker


At a glance

The Cosatto Pip rocker doesn’t look like your average baby rocker. It’s large oval base and vibrant colour scheme certainly makes this rocker stand out from the crowd.



The cosatto pip rocker is the product of British firm cosatto who are very big on their vibrant coloured designs. With their strap line being ‘Baby stuff with personality’ the pip rocker is no exception. Unfortunately the cosatto pip only comes in the one vibrant colour scheme which is a bit disappointing when the company produces some great fabric designs.


Key Features


The pip has a large oval base which gives the rocker a lot of stability even though the chair is quite light, cosatto pip side profile weighing in at only 3 kg. It features a recline function with seven different settings allowing for great flexibility in how you position your child for maximum comfort. the backrest is raised and lowered by squeezing together the two buttons at the back if the seat.

The pip can be switched to a fixed chair mode by dropping the retractable stand underneath the oval base.

Cosatto haven’t included any play features, such as music or vibration and there is no ability to attach a toy bar which is a little disappointing.



The seat is actually very well padded. The backrest although it can be reclined seems slightly flat so may not be great for smaller babies if prone to sliding left or right.

Cosatto Pip Side profile


As with most rockers the Pip comes with a three point safety harness

Ease of Cleaning

Unfortunately the seat covers are not machine washable which whilst not the end of the world does make life for a busy parent a little bit less convenient. 


Ease of Assembly

The Cosatto pip comes ready to use out of the box so no assembly required.


Age Range and Usage

cosatto pip low chair_rockerYou can use the cosatto pip rocker from birth up to the age of 6 months which is roughly up to a maximum weight of 9 kg or 20 lbs.  Assuming you buy for a newborn baby getting 6 months usage out of this bouncer is pretty much marked at the average usage in months compared to other bouncers on the market. See Best Baby Rocker Comparison Table.


Value for Money

In looking at value for money, consider the price you are paying against how long you will use the rocker for.

At the time of writing the cost of this rocker coming in at almost £74 puts it in the middle of the price range (£££ on the comparison table) which is between £40 and £80’s. As indicated on the age range you should get at least 6 months usage out of the product and so, simply put, a cost of £74 for 6 months gives you a usage cost per month of £12.33 which is a fairly high usage cost per month score. See Best Baby Rocker Comparison Table.


What’s great:

  • 7 position backrest
  • Looks different
  • 4 year guarantee

What to watch out for:


  • Not machine washable
  • No toy bar
  • No music or vibrate functions
  • Doesn’t fold flat




The Cosatto Pip rocker may be a little different to the rest of the baby rockers on the market. However, lots of parent will like that. The unique look and feel of the Pip certainly sets it apart. Whilst the lack of play features are a slight detractor this vibrant fun rocker makes up for it by being very different.

Cosatto Pip Baby Rocker


Cosatto Pip Rocker

Cosatto Pip Rocker

Value For Money




Ease of Use



  • 7 Position Backrest
  • 4 Tear Guarantee
  • Style!


  • Not machine Washable
  • Doesnt Fold Flat
  • No play features