Best Newborn Bouncer

Looking for the best newborn bouncer?


Best newborn bouncer

Do you need a newborn bouncer? If you are about to have a baby, or have just had one, then you may be thinking about getting a baby bouncer. But with the wealth of bouncers available on the market which ones are suitable for a newborn?

Whilst nearly all bouncers claim they are suitable for new babies, some bouncers are more suitable as newborn bouncers than others. For example if you buy an activity bouncer for a newborn, it’s going to be a little while, probably a few months, before they get full use out of all the bouncer’s activity functions. 

What to look for in a bouncer for a newborn?

You need to think about some key features for your newborn baby that would be less relevant for an older baby.

  1. Does the bouncer have a head hugger or new baby insert?mamaRoo Newborn Insert Plush Liner

A head hugger or new baby insert provides additional padding and comfort for a newborn. A newborn baby cannot support its head on its own so it’s critical to have the additional support around the baby’s neck. Many bouncers do not come with this option and so are essentially not really suitable for a new baby.


  1. Does the seat recline?

Can you adjust the angle of the seat? Newborn babies tend to be most comfortable in a reclined position, as opposed to more upright for older babies. Having a bouncer with an adjustable recline angle is definitely advisable for your newborn.


mamaRoo recline


  1. Is the seat material soft?

Particularly for a newborn you want a seat material that will be comfortable. Some bouncers can have materials that are a little unforgiving on a new baby’s delicate skin. Whilst not a show stopper, since you could always put a blanket under them, it is a feature you will want to consider when choosing a newborn bouncer.

  1. Is it easy to clean?

Personally I think this is a must for any bouncer you buy, whether for a newborn, or not. Why buy a product that is difficult to clean? So many bouncers available today are machine washable so I think it is just good common sense to buy one that is.

Aside from these features relevant to a new baby you should consider the investment you are making in the bouncer and the fact that your newborn won’t be a newborn for very long. Take a look at the best baby bouncer comparison table for a wide range of baby bouncers available on the market.


Top rated newborn baby bouncers

The collection of bouncers below have some or all of the key features that a bouncer needs to make it suitable for a newborn baby.

Chicco Hoopla

Chicco Hoopla Greenland BouncerYou can see a full review of the Chicco Hoopla bouncer here. The Chicco Hoopla is a mid-price range, multi-purpose baby bouncer, with some great features. Primarily the fact that this bouncer also doubles as a rocker adds to its overall value for money. For a newborn it has a head hugger for extra support. The seat cover is fully machine washable, so it is easy to clean. It has a recline function with three different positions and along with a soft material cover it ticks all the boxes for a newborn baby bouncer.


Joie dreamer bouncer

Joie dreamer Teak TreesYou can see a full review of the Joie dreamer bouncer here. This high end dual purpose bouncer, come rocker, has three recline positions. It comes with a detachable plush insert to provide extra support for your newborn. Both the plush and the seat cover are fully machine washable. Definitely a consideration for your newborn and whilst not cheap it has some great features.


4moms mamaroo 3.0

mamaRoo MulticolourThe hi-tech mamaroo is a great design for a newborn because it can recline to fully horizontal and any angle in between. A plush insert is sold separately but provides great comfort for a small baby. The plush and the seat cover are fully machine washable so ideal for a newborn. Whilst at the top end of the market in terms of price, if you want a great bouncer this is a good choice for newborns and older babies alike. You can see a full review of the Mamaroo 3.0 bouncer here.


Babymoov bubble bouncer

Babymoov Bubble Bouncer - Almond-TaupeThe Babymoov bubble bouncer has a dual bouncer/rocker function. It has five recline settings and a soft cushion insert for newborn babies. Whilst the seat covers are detachable, unfortunately it is hand wash only. It is decently priced, very adaptable and is worth considering for a newborn baby, even with the non machine washable covers. You can see a full review of the Babymoov bubble bouncer here.


Comfort & Harmony Monkey bouncer

Comfort & Harmony Monkey BouncerThis feature packed and colourful little bouncer is worthy of consideration for newborns. It has a luxury soft fabric seat which is removable and fully machine washable. A head hugger provides support for your baby’s head and neck. Unfortunately it doesn’t recline, but it does have a soothing vibrate function. You can check out a full review of the Comfort & Harmony Monkey bouncer here.


Fisher Price Woodsy Friends Comfy Time bouncer

Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Comfy Time BouncerYou can see a full review of the Woodsy Friends bouncer here. The Woodsy Friends is well padded and its softly covered seat pad is detachable and fully machine washable. Although it doesn’t recline, it is deeply recessed and with the padding and additional head support pillow, makes it a snug little seat for a newborn. Well worth considering as a newborn bouncer.


Mamas & Papas Capella bouncer

Mamas & Papas Catch a Star Capella BouncerYou can see a full review of the Capella bouncer here. The Capella has no recline function, but since it is a slung seat the child’s position is fairly well reclined. The seat material is soft and comfortable and the padded new baby insert will keep your newborn nice and snug. The seat cover and insert can be machine washed at 40 degrees. A nice little newborn bouncer.