What to do with my old baby bouncer

What to do with my Old Baby Bouncer?

The amount of ‘stuff’ that comes part of the deal when a little person enters your life is quite remarkable. Baby bouncer, baby swing, baby stroller, baby gates(usually multiple), car seats, changing table, toys, more toys and the list goes on. How does something so small need so much ‘stuff’? If you don’t have any intention of having another child, the question at some point will be posed what do we do with all this ‘stuff’.


What to do with my old baby bouncer?

There are a number of options to dispose of your old baby bouncer that need to be considered, from a sensible financial approach to an environmentally responsible position, before considering landfill. Remember you are a parent now so please be responsible!


Sell it as second hand

old baby bouncer Sell itHaving children is an expensive business, so if you can claw any money back by selling your unwanted baby bouncer, then it will certainly come in handy at some point. You have a load of options for selling your baby bouncer. Before you sell it you will want to make sure you give it a good deep clean. See how to deep clean your baby bouncer. Doing this will give you a better chance of getting a good price. Car boot sales are a great place to quickly sell your unwanted baby items. If you are more internet savvy then e-bay is the obvious choice to start followed by Craig’s list but there are numerous online selling options. Don’t forget to consider postage and packaging costs in your sale price if going down the online sale route.


Give it away


Old baby bouncer give it awayProbably the most common option used after ‘sell it’. Do you have a relative, friend or neighbour that is expecting a baby anytime soon? It will definitely get you on their Christmas card list and make you feel good inside. Again similar to the ‘sell’ option it would be worth giving your baby bouncer a deep clean before giving it away.


Donate it to charity


As you well know baby gear can be expensive. Giving it to a charity of your choice will ensure someone gets the benefit out of your old baby bouncer. As well as the big name charities, Cancer Research, Oxfam etc. you could consider a more specialist charity like Stripey Stork. They will make sure your baby gear goes to a local family who really needs it. They have a full list of the items they look for. The only requirement for baby bouncers is they must have a three point harness.

stripey-stork old baby bouncer


Take back schemes


Many manufacturers are starting to introduce take back schemes as part of their green credentials. Unfortunately this doesn’t appear to be a trend that has started yet with baby bouncer manufacturers. In any case it is worth contacting your bouncer manufacturer to see if they offer such a take back scheme. If they don’t hopefully they will start to think about doing so.




Before you send anything to landfill please try to recycle your baby bouncer. Depending on where you old baby bouncer recyclelive will dictate the options you have available to recycle. In the UK the vast majority of local authorities operate Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs). If you take your old baby bouncer to the site check first if they have a reuse scheme before you recycle it. If they do and it’s in a good enough state they may recondition it for use by someone else. If not it will be recycled and most importantly not go to landfill. There are also recycling companies or organisations like Recycle the World (recycletheworld.org) that also accept a variety of used baby equipment.